Company Overview

Northstar Chemical Inc. History

Since 1996, Northstar Chemical, Inc. has provided results-driven, sustainable solutions to customers in the Pacific Northwest and California. Northstar Chemical, a privately owned company, specializes in the distribution of corrosive chemicals and water treatment services from our four West Coast locations – Modesto, CA, Santa Fe Springs, CA, Sherwood, OR, and Tacoma, WA. 

At Northstar, we are committed to delivering safety to our customers with our highly trained staff, state-of-the-art delivery equipment, and innovative methods for the transfer and storage of the products we distribute. This is our commitment to our customers, employees, and the surrounding community.  

We specialize in distributing liquid corrosive chemicals via rail car, full truckload, and mini-bulk quantities. We provide storage tank loan systems to our customers to provide safe storage and effective cost savings. We also enhance our overall services with our technical sales expertise in treating our customer’s water treatment needs.  

To develop the infrastructure necessary for offering reliable and innovative results, we:

  • Expand our fleet of delivery equipment, products, and service offerings to meet new needs
  • Add skilled staff to satisfy our customers’ growing demands

We work to earn and maintain your business long-term. Our standards of excellence and outstanding track record in delivering exceptional service and reliability have earned us many long-term customers’ loyalty and commitment.   

Reasons You Should Select Northstar Chemical

Knowledgeable Staff Offering Innovative Solutions

Northstar offers:

  • Experienced, dedicated, and highly trained team members
  • Strong expertise in water treatment engineering, chemicals, and equipment LEARN MORE
  • Innovative delivery specialists and well-maintained delivery equipment LEARN MORE
  • Solution-based storage tank loan programs LEARN MORE 
  • Long-term supplier relationships, which ensure a secure supply of corrosive and water treatment chemicals servicing many industries LEARN MORE

Exceptional Service with Local, Direct, Collaborative, and Personal Communication

Northstar provides:

  • Local customer service, dispatch, and sales support  from centrally located distribution facilities
  • Rapid and collaborative response to incoming phone calls, with a live operator available 24/7
  • Secure and safe delivery by highly trained company drivers
  • Dedicated leadership and team members with many years of chemical distribution experience
  • Collaborative communications with our customers and suppliers to foster healthy and productive results

An Unmatched Commitment to Safety

Northstar utilizes:

  • Experienced, highly-trained, and hazmat-certified delivery specialists to operate our company-owned delivery equipment
  • Regular monthly operational and safety training 
  • The proper PPE when handling and transferring products
  • DOT-certified and well-maintained delivery equipment for product delivery
  • Our expertise on the properties, use, handling, and storage of corrosive chemicals to minimize hazards 
  • Training and collaboration with local emergency response agencies

A Culture of Quality and Continuous Improvement

Northstar Chemical strives to:

  • Meet or exceed all customer product, quality, and service requirements  
  • Run a disciplined operation, focused on continuously improving our service quality standards, and product offerings
  • Achieve total customer satisfaction

A Culture of Environmental Responsibility 

Northstar commits to: 

  • Offer solutions, which ensure the safe, clean, and efficient use of our products and services 
  • Utilize technology, ingenuity, and process innovation to enhance sustainability and livability for current and future generations
  • Engage in an active dialogue with our employees, customers, suppliers, and community to look continuously for new ways to make a difference in the betterment and longevity of our planet

It is always a pleasure working with the folks at Northstar. Their communication is great. Their customer service team is always quick to respond to our requests and their deliveries are always on time.

The Northstar Value Statement

Our values are the foundation for everything we do.

SAFETY | Practice, Promote, Recognize and Deliver Safety

INTEGRITY | Always Do What is Right and Build Trusting Relationships

CUSTOMER SERVICE  | Dedication to Our Customers is Instrumental to Long-Lasting Success

COLLABORATIVE RELATIONSHIPS | Foster Healthy Communications to Achieve Balanced Results

OUR EMPLOYEES | Develop and Empower to Make a Difference

EXCELLENCE | Pursue Process Improvement for Sustainable Growth

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