Northstar’s Products and Services for the Hi-Tech Industry

Northstar provides value-added services to customers in many high-tech industries such as:

  • Semiconductor and wafer manufacturers
  • Printed circuit boards
  • Integrated circuits
  • Other important components of microelectronic devices, computers, and communication devices

For our Hi-Tech Industry customers, Northstar provides:

  • A wide variety of chemical products
  • Safe, responsible delivery, handling, and storage of the products we provide
  • Privately owned fleet for on-time delivery and quality control
  • Secure, reliable supply, and quick turn delivery
  • Robust supply chain partners
  • On-site consulting, troubleshooting, and process optimization
  • Expertise in PCW, PVAC, cooling tower, closed-loop, and UPW treatment

Northstar offers multiple product packaging options including mini-bulk deliveries and full truckload bulk deliveries.

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