Water Treatment Products

The Northstar Approach to Water Treatment

Proper water treatment is an essential component of any industry’s or municipality’s operations. At Northstar Chemical, we deploy an engineering approach, which focuses on the mechanical, operational, and chemical aspects of the systems we manage.

Our engineering-based approach ensures Northstar’s customers get the optimal balance of cost and performance. Our team-managed systems consume the least amount of energy, water, and chemicals required for optimum results.

Benefits of Working with Our Water Treatment Team

Customers who hire us receive:

  • Increased efficiency and lower costs for their water treatment programs
  • Access to our cross-industry expertise in program optimization
  • Troubleshooting to identify system problems, which often comprise chemical, operational, and mechanical areas
  • Peace of mind knowing a highly experienced team supports you

Our Water Treatment Products and Services

We deliver a range of water treatment products and services, including: