Bulk Chemical Delivery Services

Northstar is the West Coast leader in bulk chemical distribution.

With Northstar, you receive timely, safe, and secure bulk chemical delivery. We maintain an exceptional delivery record because we use company-owned delivery equipment operated by highly trained and professional Northstar delivery specialists.

Northstar’s locally-based dispatchers and delivery specialists allow us to deliver:

  • Multiple shipping points throughout the West Coast
  • Local customer service and dispatch, with up to the moment info on the status of your delivery
  • A robust supply chain with long-standing relationships to ensure product availability
  • Quick turn delivery when you need your products delivered on time
  • A focus on our core chemistry and therefore the technical experts in equipment and tanks for the products we provide
  • The option of a bulk tank loan program and telemetry
  • Safety audits and site visits to conduct an in-person technical review of a customer’s bulk tank system and setup before all first deliveries by Northstar

Contact us today to get more information on the best, dependable, and competitive chemical supply source here in the West.

Northstar drivers reflect pride of ownership by treating us with respect and presenting the cleanest fleet of trucks in any industry. Well done Northstar, Keep up the great work!