Custom Blending Services

Northstar Chemical is the leader in custom chemical blending solutions here in the West.

We offer many options to meet our customer’s specialty chemical requirements.

We contract manufacture to meet special requirements, toll blend to customers specifications, and provide our own unique blends for various applications and industries.

We have quality-controlled manufacturing facilities and products, technical expertise, and innovative solutions. In addition, we can provide the logistics to deliver these specialty blends with our own equipment and delivery specialists to customer tank systems or those we offer on loan.

Northstar Chemical manufactures custom-blended liquid products. Our custom blended service includes:

  • Specialty toll blending
  • Contract manufacturing
  • Chemical compounding
  • Custom formulating
  • Product confidentiality
  • Product development
  • Dry to liquid solutions
  • Quality assurance
  • Technical support
  • Local timely logistics support

Northstar Chemical Modesto CA Chemical Blending Facility

Chemco prides itself on providing “unparalleled customer service.” With that daily mission in mind, we have found it crucial to have a business partner like Northstar that is an extension of ourselves with the customer’s needs at the heart of what we do.

Northstar has been not only a reliable and trustworthy supplier and partner, but they set the standards in the chemical industry for safety, accuracy, on-time deliveries, and professionalism.  Northstar’s similar business practices and values has made it possible to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations not just one time but every time. Chemco is very grateful to collaborate with a respectable company such as Northstar.

Northstar’s Custom Blending services meet the following standards for many of the products provided: SQF, FSMA, Food Ingredients, Food Chemical Codex, EPA, the FDA, and more.

Visit our certification page for details.

See our Custom Blending product page for some examples of the various products and industries we service.

CONTACT US to inquire about your custom blending needs.