Northstar leads the way with exceptional logistic services

A key to Northstar Chemical’s success is our logistics and distribution network. We strategically located each Northstar chemical distribution facility to provide the safest and most reliable services in the west.

Direct communication with our customers is also a factor in our success and why our customers return to us again and again.

Centrally Located Dispatch & Customer Service

Each distribution location provides excellent, timely communication. Our customers have direct contact with our dispatch and customer service. This direct communication provides customers with peace of mind that their chemical delivery will arrive as promised.

Excellent communication from order to delivery

From the time customer service receives your order to the receipt of the invoice, our communication process is excellent and streamlined.

Customer service confirms your orders within a matter of hours, and in many cases minutes, of receipt of your order. You will get a written confirmation.

Dispatch can communicate with our drivers to provide accurate delivery times for those that require narrow windows for delivery.

Follow-up delivery paperwork is provided usually within 24 hours of delivery to our customer’s satisfaction. We know our customers and they know us, which has led to long-standing, personal customer relationships.

Northstar’s Delivery Specialists and Delivery Equipment Set the Standards in Chemical Distribution

Our delivery equipment has been perfected over the years. We have tested construction materials and selected the best pumps and delivery systems to design the ideal delivery process for mini-bulk and bulk products.

All of our equipment is DOT-certified and well maintained. Our delivery specialists take pride in their equipment and it shows. All are trained in emergency response on the road and at a customer’s site.

We require that our delivery specialists follow proper PPE protocols and participate in a minimum of monthly operations and safety training. Northstar delivery specialists are experienced, highly-trained, and hazmat-certified.

A Robust Supply Chain is Very Important in our Business

In addition to Northstar’s network of distribution facilities, we also have a very robust supply base for our products within the western region.

Many of our core products like caustic soda, sulfuric acid, and sodium hypochlorite are produced locally and near our distribution facilities. This provides many options for sourcing to ensure our customers receive high quality and in-time delivery of the products that they demand.

We have continually invested in our distribution facilities to add more inventory capacity and capability with warehousing, storage tanks, and railcars. We have our own fleet of railcars to increase our supply capability and also keep them in use for some of our customers who purchase railcar quantities.

Our suppliers are loyal and our partnership with them has enabled Northstar to become the long-term distributor of choice for many of our customers.

Simply put, we deliver to meet our customer demands and needs, with flexibility and professionalism.

Key benefits of our Logistic Services include:

  • Dispatch and customer service are centrally located
  • Excellent direct communication with customers and our dispatch
  • Our own fleet of trucks and delivery equipment
  • Best and safest professional delivery specialists in the industry
  • Flexible delivery schedules, same day, after hours, weekends
  • Stable robust supply chain

Each and every (Northstar) truck driver that has delivered to our facility, including drivers that have only come one or two times, has been awesome. Your drivers are skilled, courteous, and always follow the strictest safety protocols. They are the definition of professionals. I just thought in a world of negativity and chaos you would like to know. Your team is a beacon for customer service and care.