Mini-Bulk Delivery Services

Discover the benefits of the Mini-Bulk and Tank Loan programs from Northstar Chemical

Do you currently purchase hazardous corrosive chemicals in drum or tote form? If so, do you need a safer way to handle and store these products more efficiently and less expensively?

Are you looking to improve floor space efficiency or moving to a new location?

Has an accident damaged an on-site tank?

Do you want to improve employee safety and morale by eliminating drum and tote handling, or upgrading to a new and improved storage tank system?

Northstar’s optional Tank Loan program can help.

Your company realizes many advantages with a small bulk tank (mini-bulk) loan program. With our free service, you receive improved safety and cost-saving through:

  • Safe, uninterrupted service from the industry’s mini-bulk leader with our just-in-time delivery by Northstar delivery specialists
  • Improved employee safety through reduced hazardous chemical exposure and the handling of corrosive and dangerous chemicals
  • Better cost performance through improved inventory control, product replenishment, product use, and employee injuries.
  • Elimination of potential spills and costly waste from moving heavy drums & totes
  • Elimination of the need to change the chemical feed pump tubing from one drum to the next when the first drum is empty
  • Reduced need for storage space required for your chemical inventory by removing the need to store and stack drums and totes
  • Smaller environmental footprint by eliminating environmentally wasteful drum and tote rinse-outs, deposits, and disposals
  • Remote inventory monitoring option with our tank telemetry system
  • Peace of mind with our safe and reliable just in time delivery

Contact us today to get more information on the best, dependable, and competitive chemical supply source here in the West

Having worked with both Northstar Chemical and other chemical vendors in Oregon over the last twenty-two years, I can honestly say that my experience with Northstar Chemical is far superior to that with other companies. Northstar Chemical provides a first-class program, from the placing of my chemical order to the on-site delivery.

Their office staff is helpful and courteous, their delivery trucks are always clean and well maintained, and the delivery crew is professional and friendly with our staff. I would gladly give a personal recommendation for Northstar Chemical to anyone looking to use Northstar for their chemical needs.

How the Northstar Mini-Bulk Program Works

Step 1:  A Northstar account manager assesses your needs

A Northstar representative meets with you and conducts a site visit to gather critical information. During this site visit, our account manager:

  • Reviews your product’s specifications
  • Analyzes your product demand and estimated delivery frequency
  • Determines the ideal tank location based on your current chemical feed setup
  • Discusses your ideal tank size based on demand, frequency, and space available
  • Assesses driver and trailer access for future delivery
  • Conducts a site safety assessment to ensure safe delivery by our delivery specialist
  • Gathers information to understand your delivery procedures and protocols that are aligned with Northstar’s safety delivery requirements

Step 2:  Our account managers detail your ideal delivery program and tank configuration to meet your production requirements

Step 3:  Our expert installation team delivers and installs the properly-sized tank(s) to your facility.

Our team can also install an optional telemetry system

With our telemetry system, you can quickly check your tank levels from any computer or mobile device.

When a product’s volume falls below a set point, the Northstar telemetry system sends alerts to the customer and to Northstar’s delivery team. This instant alert system ensures your production never stops due to low chemical inventory.

Step 4:  Our team then delivers chemicals into your tanks whenever you need the product.

Step 5: Northstar’s support team inspects and maintains the mini-bulk tanks regularly to ensure you have a continuous product supply.