Water Treatment

Northstar built its water treatment team on the foundation of experience and expertise in everything we do. Every water treatment representative has an industry background and a degree in engineering.

Our ability to troubleshoot and solve problems for our customers is not based on one representative, but the combination of all team members working together for each customer and each challenge.

Our wealth of knowledge and direct experience in the field is our greatest asset and ensures you will get the service you want and need on a timeline that exceeds your expectations.

Northstar’s Seven Service Standards Program for Water Treatment

Our service program is built upon our Seven Service Standards program, in which we complete the following steps:

Service Plan

  • Document all results, findings, recommendations, and conclusions
  • Provide data in graphic format for trend analysis
  • Give each customer the information they need quickly, allowing Northstar to work with them to ensure effective solutions to any outstanding issues are implemented quickly

Project Tracker

  • Identify the ways to improve the water treatment program
  • Outline the steps, responsibilities, and deadlines for actions
  • Hold the water treatment team accountable for results
  • Establish accountability for results

Safety Audit

  • Provide a risk matrix of all the current hazards associated with the water treatment chemistry, equipment, and systems
  • Outline the priority, steps, responsibilities, and deadlines for each item
  • Hold the water treatment team accountable for results

Customer Training

  • Ensure that the people who are involved with the water treatment program every day have the knowledge and tools to do their jobs well
  • Ensure the same people understand all hazards associated with the water treatment program and help them do their job safely and without incident.

Business Review

  • Conduct needed meetings to review the water treatment program results and the performance of the team
  • Provide a chance to check on the service plan, project tracker, safety issues, and other items to make sure we are still on the same page and right course
  • Make any adjustments needed to improve the water treatment program

Customer Feedback Survey

  • Conduct, in most cases, an anonymous annual survey of all staff involved with water treatment
  • Measure Northstar’s performance as a supplier in an “honest” environment
  • Make any adjustments needed to improve on customer satisfaction and do a better job overall

Operator Log Sheets

  • Create the operator log sheets as a team to ensure our staff tabulates, organizes, and uses the measurements tool correctly and makes any necessary improvements/adjustments
  • Modify the log sheet process as needed for ease of use and ease of interpretation

Any water treatment company can say they provide excellent customer service. By following Northstar’s Seven Service Standards, our team can prove we provide the very best service available to each and every customer in the way they choose to receive it.

Some of the many services we supply to our customers include:

  • On-site consultation, analysis, troubleshooting, and optimization
  • Advanced laboratory analyses such as failure analysis, deposit analysis, advanced microbiological testing, legionella, cycle splits, and any other water treatment analysis needs
  • Pretreatment, feed/control/monitoring, and process equipment service and troubleshooting
  • Review of all process data including log sheets, datalogs, and out-of-spec conditions with conclusions and recommendations for improvements
  • On-site training with operators, managers, and other staff on all aspects of the water treatment program
  • Regular safety audits to ensure the safety of everyone involved with water treatment at your facility
  • Legionella audits and reports as well as legionella program management, if desired
  • Custom-built service reports provided within 24 hours of the service date
  • Corrosion monitoring via corrosion coupon and/or corrator analysis
  • Advanced studies such as dissolved oxygen monitoring (deaerator performance), elution studies (softener regeneration performance), and corrosion studies (pinpoint areas of corrosion and determine their cause)
  • Regular jar tests to ensure the products used are the best available options

At the end of the day, Northstar believes that great service is providing what the customer wants, when and how they want it, whenever possible.

The combination of our team’s experience and expertise, along with the discipline of our Seven Service Standards, ensures that we exceed our customers’ expectations and achieve the program performance they need.